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A traditional wedding

We love monograms, simple borders and crisp white end ecru backgrounds. Traditional invitations can have one or two inks printed and the wording will beautifully pop off of the cardstock.

See what our customers have said about their traditional invitations:

I am super busy and would have to look for invitations late at night online. My now husband and I would comb through sites for a traditional invitation that had a unique quality to it. We were able to find that at Invitation Consultants. I liked that we could find our style on paper. Thanks guys!
My fiancé and I really like shimmer paper because it is not so matte. We were able to choose our paper stock and have the beautiful white paper show through on a simple design. And it was affordable too.
I worked with a consultant at Invitation Consultants that was super knowledgeable. We wanted a traditional monogram invitation on ecru paper, and she helped us find and customize. The process was easy and I got my order quicker than I even thought.
My sister used Invitation Consultants for her wedding invitatons. I was very involved in her wedding planning, and when it was time for mine I wanted to use her same vendors. Well, the consultants were amazing for me too. My sister loves funky and unique, but my fiance and I wanted a traditional white invitation with a photo. We were so happy with our purchase. The photo really was what made it for us.

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