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Time goes by so quickly! Honor and pay tribute to a red-letter retiree.

The culmination of years of hard work: The Retirement Party

When somebody has worked their entire life and makes it to a wonderful retirement, then a party is definitely in order. This is all about the guest of honor and so you want to cater the type of party to who they are as a person. Start with thinking through what type of an affair it will be, whether it’s fancy and formal for adults only or perhaps a family affair like a picnic or BBQ. It’s all about them so cater it to them accordingly.

Be sure to think through some of their favorite things, down to the flavor of the cake. You absolutely want to get a cake that is the center point of the party, perhaps even featuring a picture of them or some significant symbol of who they are as a person. It may even be fun to feature a logo of the company that they worked at. Apply the same idea to the retirement party invitations as it can be a nice way to pay homage to them from the very beginning of the party planning.

Put together photos of the individual through the years and then have time for people to say something special about the guest of honor. This is about celebrating their years of work and so when you give that type of forum for others to say how much this person has meant to them, it really shows a great tribute. The guest of honor may even want to say a few words or give a speech at the end, and that’s like icing on the cake.

Choose from outdoor themes like sailing & fishing to elegant and simple borders. Or what better way to celebrate your retirement than with a golf themed invitation. Do you dream about spending time on your passion for boats and fishing? If so, choose retirement party invitations with a nautical theme.

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