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Return Policy

We are committed to providing quality products and services. In the unfortunate event of damage, shortage, or error on our end, we will gladly re-print and re-ship any item(s) at no charge to you. You will not be required to send the damaged goods back to us. If there is no time for us to send you a reprint, we could issue a partial credit. This would be refunded to your credit card (or a check will be issued if this is how you originally paid).

Our experienced Invitation Consultants proofread every order and check it for accuracy, consistency, spelling and grammar. We will make necessary adjustments if appropriate. We will also ensure that the layout of your product looks professional.

We encourage you to check the spelling of names and places on your order form and on proofs. Because every product we sell is personalized, we cannot take full responsibility for customer errors. If an error occurs, we encourage you to contact our customer service department and we will work towards a solution that is mutually agreeable. We encourage customers to take advantage of our samples and press proof options. We offer an array of products and ordering a sample allows you to see and feel the product before placing the full order. We cannot accept returns due to general dissatisfaction if there are no printing errors since all products are personalized.

When you receive your product, we encourage you to immediately verify that everything is to your satisfaction. If needed, please call us at 888.381.4400 or email hello@invitationconsultants.com with any questions or concerns.