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The significance of the baptism

A baby’s Baptism, called a Christening in some religions, is a very important occasion for the family. The ceremony involves the parents of the infant, as well as the chosen godparents.

The Baptism ceremony usually takes place during the Sunday church service before the congregation, and some churches will baptize many infants during the same service. The priest blesses the child and sprinkles Holy Water on their head to symbolize their entrance into God’s covenant. During the ceremony, the baby (both boys and girls) wears a baptismal gown, which can sometimes be an heirloom gown that has been worn by family members before them. Some families will use the mother’s wedding gown in the creation of her child’s baptismal gown, adding another layer to the familial importance of the ceremony.

The role of the godparents is to participate in the Christening ceremony by holding the baby. They also are to be involved throughout the child’s life in helping to guide them spiritually as they grow up. Selecting godparents is a matter parents take very seriously, due to the long-term commitment it involves.

The Baptism ceremony is usually followed by a luncheon celebration with the extended family, including, of course, the godparents. Typically the godparents will be the hosts of the party for the family.

Photo invitations are becoming very popular for Baptism ceremonies and celebrations, as it is an opportunity for parents to share photos of their infants with family members. These invitations often become keepsakes. Most Baptism invitations are in soft colors of pink, blue and of course, white. Common motifs on Baptism invitations include crosses and baptismal gowns.

Celebrate your child's Baptism or Christening with traditional symbols of devotion, including: crosses, angels, baptismal gowns and outfits, precious praying hands and other religious symbols. Your sweet boy or girl is sure to have a blessed and wondrous day for their baptism.

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