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Two Bright Baby Shower Ideas

The sweetest way to show a mommy-to-be how much you care is by throwing a fun-filled baby shower! Baby showers have come a long way from traditional shower games like wrapping tissue around the mommy’s belly to modern twists and themes, like a gender reveal celebration. No matter what your take, a baby shower is such a delightful occasion. Here, we share our two favorite baby shower ideas!

First, we recommend a really colorful baby shower invitation. Baby blue and pink are sweet as can be, but these days it’s important to think of the mom’s personal taste! Is she a daring fashionista with a penchant for animal print? Go with a safari theme! What about your favorite artist mama or designer? Select a design with a unique illustration or motif. Tradition is wonderful, so if pink or blue are her thing, we’ve got you covered there too.

Here’s an idea the guys may like: throw a couple’s baby shower! Inviting the men to a traditional ladies’ soirée adds to the fun. Get your guests talking with a baby pool – have them guess the birth date, weight, length, and gender if the mom & dad don’t already know. Have both mom and dad’s favorite foods and let their friends and family really prep them for their next adventure.

Oh baby, you’ve got some party planning ahead of you. Start at the beginning with a baby shower invitation and watch as the adorable details fall into place!

About our Baby Shower Invites

Are you expecting a girl? We have soft colors like pink, yellow and purple, and soft details like ribbons, teddy bears and butterflies. Choose sweet and delicate girl babyshower invitations. Or are you expecting a boy? We have soft blues and greens, and themes like sailboats, trains, cars, little boy outfits and sports. Or possibly expecting twins? We have double sweet baby shower announcements. Shower or be showered with weather themed baby shower invites or choose from other sweet and cute themes. We even feature diaper invitations or tea party baby shower invitations. These baby shower invites are perfect for a baby boy, girl, multiples or the mom who wants the gender of her baby to be a surprise. During the order process, we will even help you with your bridal shower invitation wording.

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